San Diego Fitness Boot Camp



Mission Fit Camp is a 4-week outdoor fitness boot camp in
Mission Hills, San Diego.


Men and women of all levels are welcome to join our personalized, fun, effective fitness classes.
Train outdoors with our professional fitness coaches + a small group of your neighbors for measurable results.


NOW OFFERING: INDOOR Express Circuit @ 6:30am + Stretch Class @ 7:00am on Fridays!
















Jason's Story

I just completed my third session (12 weeks) of Mission Fit Camp with Gwen and all I have to say is this is the real deal! I have nothing but praise and accolades for the high quality exercise program Gwen has developed and enthusiastically delivers to her clients.

The Program - Gwen enthusiastically challenges her clients to push themselves through a series of strength training and cardio exercises during one-hour long sessions. Each day we focus on a different part of the body using resistance bands or dumbbells while also integrating intervals of high intensity cardio.  Tuesdays - bicep and circuit day - is probably one of my most favorite days of the week.  Talk about an ass kicking!  It's such a great workout! There's NEVER a day that I leave Fit Camp without a drenched ball cap and t-shirt.  Gwen's arsenal of exercise equipment is impressive - she really does bring the gym to the park and it's such a great service that many other boot camps do not offer.  She is also very encouraging and coaches clients to push themselves to their limit.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to get into the groove of learning a new exercise that requires a high amount of coordination and/or focus (I can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time) and she patiently walks me through the steps until I get the correct form.  

If you're a novice to exercise or it's been awhile since you last hit the gym, Gwen will definitely put you at ease and help make you feel comfortable to keep up with the more experienced campers.   As the weeks progress, so does the rigor of the workouts.  By the end of the 4-week cycle, you'll be surprised that you can push your body to the limit by doing 15 pushups after completing a few rounds of intense chest exercises...or run sprints up the grueling streets of Mission Hills on "hill day."  Fellow campers will soon become your friends and serve as a support system during the butt kicking exercises.  There is no intimidation or judgment while at Fit Camp which is a huge plus in my book.

Randy is the new trainer on board and is a complementary asset to Mission Fit Camp.  His workouts at the San Diego Convention Center stairs and Fanuel Park in Mission Bay are INTENSE!  The Convention Center stairs (Fridays @ 6am) is one of my favorite days of the week at Mission Fit Camp, I haven't missed a stair day yet.  You will get a mix of intense cardio by sprinting up and down multiple levels of stairs using various techniques to work different parts of your legs and butt, only to come down to the ground level to dish out some challenging total body training exercises using resistance bands. I'll be the first to say, "I HATE my life!" while sprinting up and down the stairs...but after all is said and done, I feel accomplished and thankful Randy and Gwen developed such a kick ass routine in beautiful Downtown.  This is an awesome workout for campers of all levels, Randy does a great job of motivating clients to finish the sets of sprints and resistance training, even when they have hit a new level of fatigue that they didn't think was possible.  The workouts at Fanuel Park are a bit more challenging because running is required but there's not much to complain about when you're getting a killer workout in a beautiful setting.

Results - To recap, I attended 12 weeks of Fit Camp and only missed two regular days of working out but attended stair day and Fanuel Park to try to offset my absences.  In total, I lost 25lbs and my physical activity ability shot through the roof and I improved the maximum number of pushups that I can do by 17 and improved my one-mile run by two minutes!

The Real Deal - Gwen and Randy WANT to help you reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle.  Both are professional yet personable and have made my weight loss journey a great experience thus far.  As the saying goes, "you will get out what you put in," with Mission Fit Camp. You will have to find your own comfort level but Gwen and Randy are there to help along the way!


Anita's Story

I've been working out at Mission Fit Camp with Gwen (trainer and owner) for 2 years now, and I can honestly say that it has had a HUGE impact on my life by helping me get to a healthy weight and have a healthy and active lifestyle. I started Fit Camp in a tough place: at age 31 and 5'7", I was tipping the scales at over 200# and had been overweight for most of my adult life.

I tried out Fit Camp on a recommendation of friend after saying that I needed a change. I started out a little intimidated since I could barely run a lap, but Gwen quickly put me at ease. She has a lot of energy and passion for what she does and takes the time to talk to you about your personal goals. She truly cares about her clients and has sat down with me on many occasions to talk about my goals, help me set up plans for weight loss, and worked with me to ensure I stayed active through injuries. Her commitment to health is genuine and she takes a balanced approach to diet and exercise to help you make smart decisions and achieve your goals.

Aside from Gwen's attitude and expertise, there are a few unique things about Fit Camp that keep me coming back: the workouts, the schedule, and the people.

Gwen makes exercise and fitness accessible to all levels by giving options for exercises, beginner to advanced, to makes sure everyone is challenged. This helped me ease into the exercises and gave something to strive for as I progressed each week in the 4 week program. She also helps work around injuries and comes up with equally challenging exercises to keep you moving throughout the class. Additionally, Gwen consistently changes the exercises and format so you never get bored and get to learn new moves and patterns. I've noticed that even as my fitness level has progressed over the past few years, I am still challenged during every workout and walk away feeling like I got my money's worth from the class.

The schedule is another part of the equation. I work and travel a lot, which I always used as my big excuse for not working out. Fit Camp runs the same work out 5 times per day during the week. You are not locked in to any time slot, so it makes it easy to fit in before or after work depending on my schedule. It's enough flexibility to allow me to manage my schedule, but has enough rigidity to ensure that I get to the workouts!

Last, but not least, the fellow Fit Campers at the workouts are awesome! It's a fun group of people, who are encouraging and make working out in a group something to look forward to rather than dread. There is a large group of 'regulars' who have been coming to Fit Camp for years, which is a testament to Gwen and the program, that keep the sessions entertaining and helped put me at ease when I first started.

After my first year at Fit Camp, I lost 55 pounds, ran my first half marathon, hiked a couple mountains, and jumped into adventures that I never thought I would be able to do because of my health. With Gwen's continued help, I keep pushing myself to try new things, and take on bigger challenges. Long story short, if you're looking to try something new and make a change, or looking to push yourself in a different way in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, give Mission Fit Camp a try - you won't regret it!

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